Women for Women Foundation

Women for Women Foundation (WfWF) is a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), based in the Netherlands, committed to improve the wellbeing and health of women in Nepal with the focus on prevention and treatment of Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) in rural Nepal. Transfer of knowledge about POP, transfer of skills in diagnosing and handling POP problems and discussing results of research in the field of POP are goals of WfWF. WfWF works closely with Nepalese NGOs, government and hospitals.

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Why this website?

Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP) is an important and hidden problem in rural Nepal. POP is a heavy physical burden for affected women. Besides this, POP can lead to isolation, abandonment, low self-esteem, abuse, lack of economic support and domestic violence. A lot is known about POP in western world and treatment is available everywhere. About POP in Nepal much less is known and treatment is hardly available.

Women for Women Foundation (WfWF) is convinced that more knowledge and better understanding of the consequences of POP in Nepali women is a prerequisite for implementing successful programs for POPcare in rural Nepal.

With this website, WfWF :

  • makes an attempt to share and gain more insight about POP in Nepal
  • shares results of POPprojects in Nepal initiated by WfWF during past 15 years
  • hopes to inspire other healthworkers and researchers from Nepal and other countriesto shareknowledgeand experience in POPfield
  • invites youto send comments, feedback, suggestions, share experience and knowledge, to improve the knowledge base of POP in Nepal
  • invites youto send your thoughtsand join discussion on a number of particular topics in POP care Nepal: prevalence of POP, severity of POP, contributing factors for developing POP, prevention of POP and treatment of POP

Information & Contact 

WfWF is responsible for the choices in selection of literature. The assessment of the added value of each article / report for the relevant subjects is done by WfWF and is based on the description and conclusions by the authors. Added value is based on quality of the research and other available information on the subject and taking into account the circumstances in Nepal. All items of literature or references are available for anyone who wants to take note of it.

All questions and remarks can be sent to info@vrouwenvoorvrouwen.nl