Main functions of Department of Health services (DoHS)

• Advise the Government of Nepal (GoN) on formulating health related policies and developing and expanding health institutions in line with these policies.

• Determine the required human resource for health institutions and developing them by preparing and implementing short and long term plans.

• Manage the procurement and supply of drugs, equipment, instruments and other logistics at regional, district and below levels.

• Coordinate activities and mobilize resources for the implementation of approved programs.

• Manage the immediate solution of problems arising from natural disasters and epidemics.

• Establish relations with foreign countries and international institutions to enhance and develop health services and assist MoHP in receiving and mobilizing foreign resources by identifying areas of cooperation.

• Encourage the private sector and non-government and foreign institutions to participate in health services, maintain relations and coordination, and control the quality of health services by regular supervision and monitoring.

• Manage free medication and treatment for severe diseases (cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease, head injuries, spinal injuries, renal failure and sickle-cell anemia and Kidney Dialysis, Kidney Transplant and Kidney Treatment) for impoverished citizens.

• Manage information systems related to health facilities, health services, logistics, training and finance to support the planning, monitoring, and evaluation of health programs.

• Maintain data, statements and information on health services update & publication of DoHS Annual Report.

• The financial management of DoHS, and the settlement of irregularities.

The seven-provincial health directorates provide technical backstopping and program monitoring to district health systems and come directly under Ministry of Social Development of Province. The regional, sub-regional, zonal hospitals and district hospitals are planned to be categorized into three level of hospitals: Primary, Secondary and Tertiary.