The strategy of WfWF is improving POP care in daily practice in remote areas of Nepal by transferring knowledge and skills at different levels and in a structured way. The used methods are focused on the Nepalese situation, evaluated and adjusted when useful and necessary. Where relevant information is missing for this work, additional research is carried out together with Nepalese organisations.

WfWF tries to achieve her goals by

  • providing POP training and POP education for rural health workers at all levels
  • training gynaecologists in performing POP-related surgery3
  • providing lectures and workshops
  • making pessary treatment widely available
  • evaluating both pessary and surgical treatment in follow-up studies
  • providing health education to women and girls through local organizations
  • enabling and stimulating POP research in Nepal
  • informing stakeholders through an annual report with an overview of WfWF activities